Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger - The GFCF Mommy

Sea at the Book of Yum had the great idea of starting this event in order for all of us to get to know a little about other gf bloggers and exchange some great new recipes. You can link to Sea's original post here.

My choice for this event was my friend Katherine, the GFCF Mommy. I chose Katherine first because, well, she was probably my first friend in blogdom. But it is more than that. I think, like me, Katherine went through the trials and hardship of starting the gfcf diet and realized the need and desire to share this information with others who may be struggling with the diet. But her blog, like mine, has become more than that. It has become a place to share our joys and struggles, and our accomplishments, as we share the joy of life through the eyes of our autistic children. Mostly the accomplishments. I love how Katherine always puts up the latest artwork from her son, "The Prince." The shamrock he made that she has posted now is beautiful!!

Of course, there are also the recipes. Katherine bills herself as a gourmet wanna be, but based on her recipes, I think she is already there. Ironically, the recipe I chose to do was not Katherine's, but her son the Prince's Southwest King Casserole. Unfortunately, I did not get a good picture to share. We did make some modifications from the original recipe - we did not have chicken on hand so we used ground beef, and we have yet to find a shredded cheese that the kids like so we just used our standard Tofutti cheese singles. So maybe this was more of a Southwest Taco Casserole??

So Katherine, thanks for a great recipe, and thanks for the great friendship.


Childlife said...

We tired this one from Katherine's place a while back, and we thought it was excellent too! : )

GFCF Mommy said...

Thomas, thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me and the feeling is definitely quite mutual. You are also one of my first blog friends. We do share the same desire to help other people who are traveling the same path in life.

I am sorry I have been a bit overwhelmed again with my own life. Got the Prince's IEP coming up and Spring break is on the horizon. So forgive me if I am not posting as much again, but I feel so special to be adopted by you!

Curious about what you think about the whole recent vaccine court news too. Everyone from my mother-in-law to the bag boy at the grocery is asking for my opinions on vaccines now!



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