Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adopt a GF Blogger: Kate from Gluten Free Gobsmacked

With Sea busy this summer with moving and welcoming Baby Yum, among other things, she asked for some help in hosting the Adopt a GF Blogger event. This month, Terri at Faking It Gluten Free Style was happy to volunteer. Thanks for helping out Terri!

For this edition of Adopt a GF Blogger, I chose a really good blog friend - Kate from Gluten Free Gobsmacked. Kate recently redesigned her blog, and her tagline reads "sharing everyday recipes from my gluten free kitchen with a side of life." And how appropriate that is! Kate recently became mom to her beautiful adopted daughter Zoe, and it's been wonderful to read about her joyful motherhood. While adjusting to life with Zoe has kept Kate out of the kitchen, they are finding their rhythm, as she says, and soon we will be treated to more of her wonderful recipes.

For this adoption, my intention was to let my kids, specifically Nicholas and Olivia, decide what to make. As we pored through Kate's recipes it was as you would expect between two rival siblings - one would like something, and the other would immediately say NO! But then we hit on a recipe perfect for summer, and one which that happily agreed with each other. Presenting...

Kate's Ice Cream Sandwiches!

What a great recipe! Very simple to make, though we did make one change. Several hours before we made the cookie sandwiches, we placed a baking sheet lined with parchment paper in the freezer. After a few hours, we let the ice cream soften up on the counter for 15 minutes, then scooped it onto the frozen baking sheet. The ice cream was soft enough so that we could use a butter knife and spread it into a 1/2 in. thick rectangle. We then put the baking sheet back in the freezer to harden the ice cream. When it came time to assemble the sandwiches, all we had to do was dip a pizza cutter in water and slice the ice cream to fit each cookie.

To me, the real advantage of this recipe is this: unlike store-bought sandwiches, which usually come in the big two (vanilla and chocolate), here you can actually use your favorite ice cream flavor. Our ice cream sandwiches are filled with Soy Delicious Mocha Fudge and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors for a great GFCF treat.

Thanks for sharing such a great recipe Kate!

And I encourage you to visit Terri's blog after July 3rd for a delicious roundup of the latest Adopt a GF Blogger Event.


Natashya said...

Yum! I love ice cream sammies. I could eat several...

bezajel said...

Oooh yummy... I wish it were summer down here!

Anonymous said...

Putting the ice cream back in the freezer before slicing is a great idea! My sandwiches were delicious but a bit messy. I'll try this trick next time (like tomorrow!)