Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger - February Roundup

I was honored to host the February Adopt a GF Blogger Event for Sea at Book of Yum. We had some wonderful entries, and I was able to meet some new GF blogger friends! Here's a roundup of all the February adoptions:

As host, I got the first pick of adoptions, and chose the founder of Adopt a GF Blogger, Sea. I made her blueberry lemon muffins, which are a great example of her versatility and creativity. They were fantastic, and I can only imagine how the cream cheese frosting and garnishes Sea used would enhance the muffins. Here is a link to Sea's original post.

Hosting allowed Sea the chance to do her own adoption this month, and she chose Ali at the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. One of the things that enticed Sea to adopt Ali was that Ali has many recipes on her blog for elimination diets, and Sea is on a restricted diet right now. Sea made three of Ali's recipes, a vegan spiced pumpkin soup (pictured at right), an easy pizza sauce, and cinnamon sunflower truffles. All good, and perfect for an elimination diet. Here are links to Alis original recipes: vegan spiced pumpkin soup, easy pizza sauce, and cinnamon sunflower truffles.

Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl adopted not one, but two GF bloggers!

Carrie adopted Alta from Tasty Eats at Home and made her quinoa salad with spinach, raisins, and walnuts. Carrie loved how the flavors mixed together and the balance between the bitterness of the quinoa and the sweetness of the raisins. She recommends you use fresh spinach when making this recipe. Here is a link to Alta's original recipe.

Carrie also adopted Jenn from the Cinnamon Quill and made her gluten free vegan buckwheat bread. Carrie loved that the bread uses several gluten free whole grains and that the bread is also eggless, which is great for some people on restricted diets. Here is a link to Jenn's original recipe.

Heather from Celiac Family must somehow know of my love for pretzels. She adopted Sophie from Flour Arrangements and made her gluten free soft pretzels. Despite a few technical glitches, the pretzels turned out fantastic, and she is looking forward to making them again. And I am looking forward to making them too... Here is a link to Sophie's original recipe.

Alta at Tasty Eats at Home was inspired by Carrie's adoption of her that she adopted someone too! Alta adopted Shirley at Gluten-Free Easily and made two of her recipes, the coconut chicken tenders (pictured at right) and her pound cake. She added homemade pineapple salsa to the chicken tenders and served them in corn tortillas for a great tropical meal. As for the pound cake, it reminded her to the perfect lemon pound cake a coworker had once made - so good!. Here are links to Shirley's original recipes: coconut chicken tenders and pound cake.

Finally, Angela over at Angela's Kitchen adopted Natalie (aka Sheltie Girl) at Gluten a Go Go. Angela has been having some technical difficulties and has not been able to post her recipe yet. I will update this post with her entry once she does.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It was great for me to meet some new bloggers and have some new recipes to try. For March, the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event will be back home with Sea at Book of Yum - look for her event post around March 15 and join the fun!


Heather @CeliacFamily said...

Everything looks great. Thanks again for hosting this month.

Rachel said...

What a tasty roundup. These recipes look great and I enjoyed visiting the blogs to see how their adoptions went. Bravo everyone!

Sea said...

Wonderful roundup! I had to go check out that gluten-free eggless bread...

Thank you so much for hosting!