Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: GFCF Oreos by The Cinnamon Quill

For this month's Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event, hosted by Sea at Book of Yum, I chose a blogger new to me, one which I discovered while hosting this event last month - Jenn at Cinnamon Quill. Why did I choose Jenn? Well, I could rave about the fact that she's an accomplished baker who has through trial and error learned how to bake gluten free after she was diagnosed Celiac. I could tell you it's because of her love of ancient grains and use of refined sugars and white flours as little as possible.

But in reality, it's because of the Oreos.

Oreos are just one of those cookies that everyone seems to love. The ultimate sandwich cookie. Perfect with a glass of milk. And perfectly off limits to those on GFCF diets. Until now.

When Carrie aka the Ginger Lemon Girl adopted Jenn last month I went and checked out her blog. And there they were, right on the front page - Oreos.

And I knew then who I was going to adopt this month.

This is such a simple recipe! I love recipes where basically you throw everything into the mixer and let it do its thing. This same recipe can also be used to make GFCF Girl Scout thin mints, but I stuck with the oreos since I did not have any mint extract.

As you can see, the cookies turned out wonderful:

I stuffed my oreos a bit too much, so I ran out of filling and had some cookies left over. But that's ok - the kids enjoyed those leftover cookies crumbled up in GFCF ice cream!

I am looking forward to getting some mint extract and making these into thin mints (my favorite Girl Scout cookie). And I will definitely be trying more of Jenn's recipes. I hope you will do the same.

As always, thank you Sea for hosting!


Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Oh, wow! I feel honored to be adopted for this fun event! Your cookies look very good; I hope they were tasty! I couldn't decide how much to fill them time you might want to double the filling recipe; I always liked the double stuffed Oreos, but when I was measuring out the copious amounts of shortening and sugar I suddenly decided that I could live with less filling, ha. Anyway, thank you for the comment and shout-out!!! :) Made my day!

Heather @CeliacFamily said...

I saw these last month, too. They look fabulous. I may have to try the thin mints. They were always my favorite Girl Scout cookie, too. Or, maybe I'll combine the two and make a double-stuffed mint Oreo cookie dipped in chocolate. Or, is that over-the-top?