Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger: Iris from The Daily Dietribe

I have to laugh about this adoption! And learn to read!

Thanks to Sea's Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger event, I have met many wonderful GF bloggers, and tried some fantastic recipes. And those are two of the reasons Sea started this event in the first place.

With Sea still tied up with Baby Yum and school, Iris of The Daily Dietribe stepped in and volunteered to host this past month's event. Iris was someone that I was not familiar with until recently. And it just made perfect sense that, in the spirit of meeting a new GF blogger, that I would adopt her for this event!

So why am I laughing? And why do I need to learn to read? Because I made the same recipe as the last person who adopted Iris!

It never dawned on me to check to see what Aubree Cherie made as I was going through Iris' recipe list. I was simply looking for something simple to make for Saturday breakfast. And when I saw the recipe for Iris' Hint O'Chocolate Banana Muffins, I knew I had found what I wanted. Little did I know that Aubree made the same thing last month!

Here's how mine turned out:

I did make some modifications. I did sub Bob's Red Mill GF all-purpose flour for the flours because that is what I had in the house; in retrospect, this made the muffins a little on the dry side, but still tasty! I also used almond milk instead of regular milk since we are CF. I really like baking with almond milk better than soy, rice, or other CF milks.

Now, just because I made the same recipe as Aubree, please don't get the impression that this is Iris' only recipe. She has a terrific recipe list from smoothies to entrees and everything in between.

As always, I am glad to have found another GF blogger friend. And I am looking forward to trying more of Iris' recipes!


Iris said...

Thanks Thomas! I thought it was funny too that you chose the same recipe as Aubree Cherie...I guess anything with chocolate is going to appeal to people, huh? I had to play around with the recipe also, finding my first version to be a little too dry. The flour blend might be the culprit, but you could also try adding just a little more banana to see if that helps. GF baking is always an experiment, huh?

Stephanie said...

That's really funny! Now I really need to try these muffins, as they've received 2 great reviews :)