Friday, September 10, 2010

The GFCF Recipe Review Experience - Peanut Butter Oatmeal Granola Bars by A Sugar and Spice Life

Please let me introduce you to Christine, who blogs at A Sugar and Spice Life. Christine started this blog back in August but she is not a stranger to blogging, having formerly blogged about her dollmaking and some recipes. But then it seems that life intervened. Her 2-year old daughter Sam was diagnosed with autism. And Christine began to have stomach issues as well. So on July 4 of this year, she and Sam went gluten free. In her words, going gluten free has been liberating- her stomach pains have disappeared, and she sees some positive signs in Sam too (though she's not jumping to the conclusion that these are solely due to the diet).

I can certainly relate to this, since this blog started as a means of sharing our experiences with the GFCF diet and autism.

I came across Christine's blog a couple of weeks ago as I was looking for a granola bar recipe to try - something the kids could pack in their lunch for school. Christine's peanut butter oatmeal granola bars looked fabuluous, and I immediately bookmarked the post. Last night I finally had the chance to make them.

In a word? Mmm...

Here is a link to Christine's recipe. And here is how mine turned out:

They are GFCF, simple to make, and are the perfect snack. Christine says they also freeze well, but I doubt mine will last long enough to test this out!

Thank you Christine for sharing this recipe. I for one am looking forward to trying some of your other recipes and reading your blog!

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