Thursday, September 12, 2013

The GFCF Experience Reviews...The Everything Gluten-Free Baking Cookbook by Carrie S. Forbes

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

~ Julia Child

I will get to the point right before the jump...

This is a wonderful cookbook.

And I think the Julia Child quote above very much describes the author of the cookbook, Carrie Forbes.

I know I mentioned this when I reviewed her first cookbook - Carrie started blogging at Ginger Lemon Girl about the same time I started blogging here back in 2007.  And I am honored to be able to call her a dear friend.  This is the third cookbook in her Everything Gluten-Free series, with several more on the way!

Over on her blog, as she talks about the release of this book, Carrie talks about her love of baking.  As Carrie says,  "My first love in the food world is baking. I love to bake. I love making cookies and cupcakes and baked chocolate donuts and fresh loaves of bread... warm, sweet fruit pies in the summer and gingerbread for Christmas!"

And that love shines forth in this book with 300 recipes ranging from breakfast fare (muffins, biscuits, sweet bread, etc.) to cakes to pies to cookies and so much more.  But the recipes only tell part of the story; there are so many other things that make this cookbook special: 

Carrie's Philosophy  There are many gluten free cookbooks that talk about using specific types of flours, or flour mixes.  And every baker has their favorite flour mix they use.  But Carrie chooses to focus, not on the mix of flours used, but on the techniques necessary for successful gluten free baking.  Recipes are easily adaptable to whichever flours you use.

More than Gluten-Free  Carrie includes several recipes that are not just gluten free, but dairy free and free from other allergens as well.  And there are chapters and recipes dedicated to those who are vegan and those who choose the grain-free paleo or low-glycemic lifestyle.

Conversions and Substitutions  Carrie provides a handy appendix of US to Metric conversion tables.  She also includes tables showing various dairy substitutions and substitutions for those who cannot have eggs.

And then there are the pictures of some of the delicious baked goods, taken in Carrie's own kitchen by photographer Jennifer Yandle.  I can't wait to try the bagels and the devil's food cake with mocha buttercream and the honey pumpkin pie and...oh it all looks so good!

The cranberry cobbler (page 239) is a wonderful recipe that I have served at Thanksgiving the past few years.  And recently, I made the triple berry cobbler (page 132):

The picture does not do justice to how good this tasted.

 All in all, this is a great cookbook for everyone, from those learning how to bake gluten free to people looking for some great recipes to add to their collection.  You can tell from this book that Carrie is passionate about baking, and passionate about sharing her knowledge with the world.

I highly recommend you add this cookbook to your collection.  You will not be disappointed.

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Carrie said...

Thomas you have made my day many, MANY times thru these last seven years of blogging... but this review is truly priceless to me! Thank you so much for your never-ending support. You are truly a gem! And I love that triple berry cobbler! i think the cobbler/crisp chapter is probably my favorite in the whole book because they are so dang easy and delicious!